GSSL Cavendish Mod: Complete

A few days ago I’d posted about some of the problems I’d run into with my GSSL Cavendish modification. Well, the new parts I needed came in, and I’m happy to say that the operation was a complete success!

Well… not exactly a complete success, otherwise it would have worked the first time. Still though.

Despite my bus compressor now being functional again, I still ran into a few hiccups between the last post and now. For instance, after the burnt resistor was replaced and the IC headers were rewired correctly, I turned it on for the first time and got some really weird behavior from the meter. First of all, it wasn’t lighting up. Second, the needle was hovering constantly at 8dB of gain reduction even with no signal. So I ended up replacing the other 10 Ohm resistor that was right next to the burnt one. This one didn’t look burned at all, but something must have been wrong with it, because once I replaced it, I was back up and running.

2017-09-28 16.35.07
The thin line between success and failure

The next hiccup came when I started feeding signal through the unit. The one channel was significantly lower than the other. Beyond the range of the internal trimpot to compensate for. I still don’t really know what caused that problem, as it seems to have fixed itself, but I attribute it to a loose XLR cable.

Last issue was with the output. As the pinout for the output on the Cavendish board is not clearly marked, it pretty much just boiled down to trial and error. With my initial configuration I was passing signal perfectly, but the phase of the right channel was inverted. Luckily, fixing that issue is as easy as transposing a couple of wires.

2017-10-03 20.02.35
Don’t you wanna go back to your home?

So now I finally my bus compressor back in working order after about a month living outside my rack. It’s days are numbered though, because the Super Side Chain modification is both very tempting and also very affordable.

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